Ton & Company is a destination for delicious Vietnamese Pho soup concentrate and we work to deliver you products that meet your values and lifestyle. We use 100% natural ingredients that are GMO free with no MSG added to meet your demands of a healthier lifestyle. Our concentrate products allow for a healthy, quick and easy broth that require no previous pho chef experience, or added bones while coming out tasting delicious every single time.

We offer three different types of concentrate: beef, chicken and vegetarian. We also carry an all-purpose sauce available for retail and food service consumers. Ton & Company is also available to assist you in building your restaurant.

For a consultation please contact us at our toll free number (855) 918-8989. Let Ton & Company do all the work so that you don’t have to! Contact us for more information and let’s get started!


Among all of the Vietnamese cuisine that has garnered the attention of people all over the world, none have received such acceptance and praise as pho. Pho has been named the national dish of Vietnam but it has earned a global fascination. Pho can be seen as a symbol that represents Vietnamese heritage and way of life. Pho is a dish filled with tradition that can represent its entire country of origin. In the aftermath of the Vietnam war, Vietnamese refugees brought along their heritage and culture to new locations. A part of that culture they brought was pho. The world took to pho’s simplicity and unique flavors. The dish began to gain popularity in areas such as Paris, the United States, Australia and Canada. Pho restaurants started to open up all over and were taking the world by storm.

Today, Vietnamese restaurants can be found all across the globe. The dish can even be found in cafeterias, college and corporate campuses. Pho was named one of the world’s most 50 delicious foods in 2011 by CNN Go. It is clear to see that Pho is loved by all different kinds of people and cultures and as it gets introduced to more people the dish will certainly continue to flourish.